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Star Trek Got It Right

Breaking News: The Cyborgs Snatched Another One Seriously, maybe I should make a series out of this. At about the same time I posted Resistance is Futile, my husband sent me this article about a guy with what looks suspiciously like a Borg ocular implant. Built around the same concept as a hearing aid, it adds heat and distance perception to an eye that lacks most of its normal function. Kind of like the heads up display for pilots. And if that’s not cool enough, he designed and built it himself, teaching himself the electrical magic he needed to create something perfectly attuned to his needs.

The guy put some serious brain power into this project. If you click over to the original article you can see all his work and his thoughts on further uses for it. I love that he didn’t just stop with what worked for him. He extended it through its natural progression. He gave some thought to further applications for both the abled and the disabled.

No disrespect to the lady with the robot arm. That kind of therapy, dedication and determination are not easy. Believe me, I know. But there’s something powerful about being the patient, the bioengineer, and the manufacturer all rolled into one.