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A Mark of the Least Novel

By Winged Chair


Rolling around in the worst fashion accessory ever…

Seventeen-year-old Merry has mucked up another chance to get into the University, so she doesn’t have time to deal with shape-changing creatures bent on stealing memories from the people of Woodshire. That’s her father’s job. But when an outlaw mage mistakes her for a damsel in distress on a drenched train platform, she’s dragged into the fight between mad sheriffs and monsters.

She’d never admit it out loud but the mage is actually kind of fun to work with – when she doesn’t want to run him over with her chair. And he’s exactly the ally she needs when the monsters go after her father’s memories. But with bad guys who can look like friends and friends who look like outlaws, Merry has to decide who to trust as she races to return the stolen memories of those she cares about most.

Available as Paperback and Ebook

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Praise for By Wingéd Chair

A wildly original and magical twist on the Robin Hood narrative, Kendra Merritt’s BY WINGED CHAIR is packed to the spokes with complex characters, wry humor, and flawless world building. Recommended for fans of The Princess Bride, and the books of Cassandra Clare, Kevin Hearne, and the later Harry Potter novels. Simply Brilliant.
— Darby Karchut, best-selling author of DEL TORO MOON and FINN FINNEGAN
Kendra Merritt’s prose is fresh, with one-line descriptions that crack like a whip, and she doesn’t miss an opportunity to surprise the reader. From the first line to the last, I was enchanted with By Winged Chair. It’s a fast-paced romp through a half-tech/half-fantasy world crafted with heart and precision. Merry, the protagonist, is delightful. She not only has an unusual challenge (she’s a mage in a wheelchair), but also an acerbic wit that slashes friend and foe alike. Her internal monologues sparkle, making every page a joy to read.
Read this book and keep an eye on her future works. You’ll be glad you did. I can’t wait to see what other gems she releases into the literary world.
— Todd Fahnestock, Best selling author of The Wishing World and Fairmist
By Wingéd Chair grabbed me and wouldn’t let go! I was captivated by Merry, the spunky, smart protagonist whose flaws made me relate to her immediately and root for her the whole way through. Merry’s journey is compelling, the world is painted with a deft hand, and Merritt’s prose is top-notch. A wild ride and a satisfying read. Highly recommended!
— Chris Mandeville author of Quake, Seeds, and 52 Ways to Get Unstuck