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Mark of the Least


The Mark of the Least is a series of familiar stories told from unfamiliar points of view, highlighting main characters with disabilities. Each book stands alone and the series is designed to be read in any order. 


By Winged Chair

One of the least will make her mark on the world…


Skin Deep

The only one who can save him is the girl he’s hurt the most…

Catching cinders

Even the weakest flame can become the fiercest blaze…

Shroud for a bride

It’s impossible to bury your past when everyone carries a shovel…

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Signed paperbacks are available for $19.99 (includes shipping). Just click the button below to order. Be sure to include your name, address, and email, and I will get back to you with an invoice payable online or by cash or check.

Short Stories

The short stories in the Mark of the Least series expand on the every day world of Térne. You do not need to have read the novels first, and the stories do not need to be read in any order. Although if you’re really concerned, When Quiet Comes to Call takes place before Aria at the Opera and the two stories are connected.


When Quiet Comes to Call

Falling in love with the boy next door can be it’s own kind of magic…

Aria at the Opera

The show’s not over till the soprano dies…

A Galadon Exile

Don’t let your past dictate your future…