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Nano Pep Talk

So, how is everyone doing on their nano novel? I figured it was time for an update myself, and time to spread a little encouragement to my fellow writers. Miraculously, I'm on target. But the next couple days are going to be hard as I try to get ahead for Thanksgiving. We have family coming into town and I know myself well enough to recognize that I won't get any writing done while they're here. With that on the horizon: full steam ahead.

We're coming up on the end of the second week, which means we're still making our way up the hump. Week two is probably the hardest part of Nanowrimo. You've lost some steam after week one, you're staring at the blank page thinking "I have no idea what happens next". And in week three everything starts to sound like it was written by a drunk zebra. But don't despair. Remember it's quantity that counts in this race, not quality. If you're behind, there's still time to catch up. And it gets better. By the end of the month you'll be taking charge again. In that rush you'll remember exactly why you wanted to write this novel in the first place, and the going will be easier.

So, keep plugging along. Don't let the mid-month slump discourage you. And above all. Keep writing.