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Meeting the Challenge

I don't play sports and I'm not usually a fan of soccer, but I might become one now after watching this guy. Nico Calabria was born with one leg but that hasn't kept him from doing some amazing things. Things like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro when he was 13, talking about the experience on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, and having his incredible soccer goal go viral on Calabria plays on Concord-Carlisle High School's varsity team and it's a testament to his strength, determination, and skill that he holds his own side by side with able-bodied teammates. In an interview with CBS, Calabria talked about how he doesn't see himself as having a disability, only a challenge. And who doesn't face challenges in their life?

I think this attitude serves him well. Calabria sees himself clearly and isn't afraid to show it to the world. In grade school he left behind his prosthetic and went for the crutches instead. Not only was the prosthetic holding him back athletically, it also felt too much like trying to be normal, when Calabria knew he was anything but. That's a sentiment I can admire as an adult, but I know I didn't have that kind of strength and maturity at that age, so I'll just say "wow". I hope to see more of this kid in the future.

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