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Blank pageWow guys. I realized this week that this blog has been up for an entire year now. So I thought I should do something special to commemorate the occasion. Welcome to the first annual Best of the Year Awards where I share with you my favorite posts from the past twelve months. First up...

Best Writing Post:

  • Runner up: What Now?  I still like to go back and read this one to remind myself why I write. It seems especially timely right now since there's a couple rejections sitting in my inbox.
  • Favorite: Bow Chicka   I had so much fun writing this one. It may have been a bit of a rant but it's not my fault when people say stupid things.

Best Review Post:miserere.finalcov.indd

  • Runner up: Frohock's Mercy  Miserere was such an interesting book to review. Maybe because I felt like I learned more about the book while writing the post than I did the entire time I was reading it.
  • Favorite: Dodging Monsters with the Leandros Brothers  Nightlife is still one of my favorite books and I had a lot of fun writing the review. It was also my very first, so it holds a special place in my heart.

Best Character Post:

  • Runner up: Manic Mayhem with Miles  I always love reading about Miles and I'm not the only one. I thought it was fascinating to pick him apart as a character to figure out why he is so beloved.
  • Favorite: Never the Same  Gen has meant a lot to me in my journey as a writer as well as someone with a disability, and I really enjoyed sharing his story with y'all.

Best Disability Post:Jonas and I during training

  • Runner up: Who Let the Dogs Out? Come on. It's about Jonas. Need I say more?
  • Favorite: Living Not Waiting  I realize that not everyone shares my coping techniques but this one is important to me. Finding others who felt the same was a blessing.

I started this blog not really knowing what to expect, but I've really enjoyed the process. I love writing about books and disability and I've really appreciated the challenge of posting weekly. Maybe one of these days I'll step out of my comfort zone and post more than that.

These are just some of my favorite posts. What have you guys enjoyed?